A Single Step

By Anthony Lee-Dudley

So, you’re sat in front of your laptop/tablet/typewriter/pad/parchment. You’re locked and loaded, ready to go, primed and poised. You glance around your room expectantly. You wait eagerly for that bolt of lightning to strike, that essential spark to flare, to ignite a torrent of words that will burn themselves indelibly into the zeitgeist and beyond (possibly this is just me, but you get the idea!).

You wait for inspiration.

Sometimes inspiration comes from other stories – movies, books, games – all provide ample fodder for the creative mind. Other times the inspiration is more subtle; the way a curtain moves in the breeze, or a shadow slides across wall as time passes. A song.

For me though, the deepest well of ideas springs forth from being around others of a like mind.

Recently I had the absolute joy to be able to attend NecronomiCon in Providence, RI.

A convention dedicated to the works and enduring legacy of H.P. Lovecraft and weird fiction in general, NecronomiCon gave many of us an opportunity to meet face-to-face with people we have only worked with over the internet, as well as friends both old and new.

Let me tell you Reader, we grasped the opportunity with both hands. All of us. That’s a lot of hands grasping!

Ideas came thick and fast.

From panels and meetings came layout and content tips, and an idea for a crowd-sourced mythos beastie (watch this space!). Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners fostered collaborations of all types. Gaming and socialising allowed us to relax and enjoy the pure pleasure one receives simply by being with members of your own Tribe.

All this and we managed to help raise a not inconsiderable amount for charity. How cool is that?

Sometimes inspiration finds us, seeks us out even, or so it seems. Most of the time, however, we need to go and look for it.

So get out there. As you can see, opening yourself up to the possibilities does not have to be arduous; sometimes the search is part of the fun!

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