It’s Collabuary!

We are extra pleased to announce the launch of “Collabuary,” an exercise to get members brainstorming and making small projects together during January and February, 2019. This is not a contest.

The projects can be anything directly related or adjacent to horror or weird RPG materials, and there are no strict parameters. Flash fiction piece for inspiration? Sure. Board game? Sure. Totally new RPG? Sure. Adventures or resources for existing RPGs? Sure. Weird paper doll cutouts and cardboard playset? Sure. Recipes inspired by a favorite weird movie? Like…sure!

January 15: Deadline to sign up for Collabuary.

January 16-17: The Coordinator (Charles Gerard) will randomly assign those participants into teams of two. For real, actually random. Dice will be used.

January 18-25: The pairs will hammer out a small project idea together. A list of prompts and suggestions will be available to help inspire. The focus will be on short projects that teams can reasonably complete during the month of February.

January 26-31: As an option (not required), teams can “pitch” these projects to other participants in the group and get feedback and suggestions. This will initially be carried out on the WW forums.

By January 31 (hard deadline): Participants will submit a short statement about their project; what the final product will look like, as well as the intended scale of the project, including things like page count, word count, any illustration or digital assets, distribution details, and so on.

We’ll provide participants with a Google Form to help fill in these details. If this work is intended for sale, WeirdWorks will encourage an equitable agreement about any sharing of profits among creators. Putting the completed works up for sale is absolutely not a requirement. There may be limits on distribution of these projects due to proprietary rights issues, and that’s something for the teams to consider from the outset. The Coordinator will help chase down any questions in that realm.

Participants will have the month of February to work on their projects. The Coordinator will check in with groups about progress and encourage communication.

At the end, sometime in March, there will be some kind of showcase for the completed projects, including a blog post on the WW website with links to projects if applicable (whether DriveThruRPG,, personal sites, etc.) and perhaps a VOIP panel discussion among those who want to chat about their process. An anthology or similar umbrella project might take shape at the end, but participation in anything like that will be completely up to creators to decide.

WeirdWorks members should keep a lookout for the most recent WW newsletter via email or check the #announcements channel on Slack.