Dean Engelhardt

Dean Engelhardt has lived his life bathed in the psychic emanations from buried Pnakotus, so it’s no surprise that curious ideas pop into his head. A 30+ year veteran of Lovecraftian gaming, he’s dabbled with making stuff up for almost as long. In 2011, Dean founded Cthulhu Reborn as a semi-professional publishing body resurrecting forgotten Cthulhu Mythos game texts for modern audiences; some 25+ publications (old and new) have ensued, including the surprisingly-popular Convicts & Cthulhu line (penal colonies of early Australia) and Dateline: Lovecraft. Dean has also written and led projects for Chaosium, as well as undertaken freelance handout design, cartography, and layout for numerous publishers including: Chaosium, Miskatonic River Press, Sixtystone Press, Golden Goblin, Stygian Fox, Sentinel Hill, and Pelgrane Press. The pinnacle of his visual-design career to date has been winning a Gold ENnie in 2016 for work on Pelgrane’s Dracula Dossier, though he seldom wears the medal out in public.


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