Noah Lloyd

Noah Lloyd’s first experience with roleplaying games was at 8 years old, when his father brutally killed the mage he was playing—twice. So he took nearly a 20-year hiatus before returning and falling in love with the stories games generate and the communities they foster; now he works as a freelance writer, editor, and designer, on projects like Harlem Unbound Second Edition, scenarios for Reckoning of the Dead, and his own micro-games, like Ringtrees, about the lives of trees and forests. He has always loved weird film and fiction, and is generally too preoccupied by giant robots. Noah is also a PhD. candidate at Cornell University, where he studies eighteenth-century literature. If he could, he would write games the way David Bowie wrote music.

Mission Statement:

To create socially conscious games that portray diverse peoples and take seriously the ways we wish the world to change.



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