Dean Engelhardt

Dean Engelhardt has lived his life bathed in the psychic emanations from buried Pnakotus, so it’s no surprise that curious ideas pop into his head. A 30+ year veteran of Lovecraftian gaming, he’s dabbled with making stuff up for almost as long. In 2011, Dean founded Cthulhu Reborn as a semi-professional publishing body resurrecting forgotten Cthulhu Mythos game texts for modern audiences; some 25+ publications (old and new) have ensued, including the surprisingly-popular Convicts & Cthulhu line (penal colonies of early Australia) and Dateline: Lovecraft. Dean has also written and led projects for Chaosium, as well as undertaken freelance handout design, cartography, and layout for numerous publishers including: Chaosium, Miskatonic River Press, Sixtystone Press, Golden Goblin, Stygian Fox, Sentinel Hill, and Pelgrane Press. The pinnacle of his visual-design career to date has been winning a Gold ENnie in 2016 for work on Pelgrane’s Dracula Dossier, though he seldom wears the medal out in public.


Dixie Cochran

Dixie (She/her/hers) is a freelance in-house developer, writer, and editor at Onyx Path Publishing, where she oversees the Chronicles of Darkness and Exalted game lines, and is also one of the co-hosts of their podcast, the Onyx Pathcast. She works with many other tabletop RPG companies on a freelance basis, including Darker Hue Studios, Fantasy Flight Games, Seventh Sphere Publishing, and Memento Mori Theatricks. She lives in Delaware with two roommates and three cats, and enjoys coffee, bourbon, and yelling excitedly about things on the internet. Her hair is usually some shade of green.


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