I’ll Keep It Short

by Ed Possing

Are you a game writer? Want to be? If so, read on. I’m going to convince you to enter low word-count game design contests. I’ll do that in fewer than 250 words.

So why do it? Consider this:

Quick turnaround. You may spend months, probably years, developing that 100,000 word campaign you’ve got kicking around in your skull. That’s a long time to wait for a writer’s credit. 1500 words? You can kick that out in a weekend.

Refine your craft. Think writing short is easy? It can be. Writing short well? That’s another thing. Writing short forces you to consider the necessity of each word. Don’t absolutely need it? It’s got to go. Being able to let go of words you don’t need makes you a better writer.

Eyes on your work. When you enter a contest, you are guaranteeing you’re going to get readers. Maybe even players. Maybe even publishers. Name recognition is a big part of your evolution as a game writer. So get your name out. Leave your mark.

Prizes. Not a guarantee, but, yeah, you could win something. Bragging rights at the very least. But you don’t win contests you don’t enter.

I see I have your attention. So where to submit? You’re in luck. The 2018 Delta Green Shotgun Scenario Contest has begun. Deadline for entries is December 8th, 2018.

What are you waiting for? Go write.

Okay let’s see where I’m at. 248 words.

Nailed it!

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