The Launch of a New Zine: Hypergraphia

By Matt Puccio

We write. Some of us are compelled to share our thoughts, to distribute them far and wide. Others are satisfied only if they can get their ideas on paper, for posterity. Some have wisdom to transmit, others dark visions, shadows which only fully take shape as they flow from the pen. Psychiatric patients who suffer from hypergraphia feel such a compulsion. Some: scribbled, repetitive, manic. Others: creative, meticulous, visionary.

Hypergraphia is the title of a new magazine, a fanzine of horror gaming, created by WeirdWorks members. It is the first of what we hope will be many projects that are spawned from the minds of WeirdWorkers. Our intention is to self-publish material that could be used by a GM in any horror or weird RPG game.

For us, Hypergraphia represents both the need to write and the subject of our writings: horror games, which often explore the descent into madness resulting from things that should not be known but must be described.

Perhaps the awful scribblings within Hypergraphia will inspire you to write a scenario of your own, or run a game based on one of the shadows found within. Whatever it brings to life for you, for us it has been a work of frantic, frenzied creative action, put together in a few weeks by a group of friends, investigators, and fellow creatives.

We owe special thanks to Graham Walmsley for his permission to publish Cthulhu Dark material. In the future we hope to include material for other systems as well. Follow our Facebook page for news on upcoming issues.

Many of Issue #0’s contributors will be at NecronomiCon Providence 2017, running games, speaking at panels, or drinking at The Red Fez. All have generously agreed to donate profits from this first issue to the Miracle Network Children’s Hospitals through the Extra Life charity. If you’re at the Con, we hope you’ll join us on Saturday, August 19th for the Extra Life event!

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